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Porto Katsiki
Porto Katsiki this is a very popular beach as it attracts thousands of visitors a year. This is due to it being breathtakingly beautiful. It is a beach that is surrounded by cliffs giving it a very dramatic landscape. It is accessible by 80 steps going down a cliff. At the top of the stairs a car park and snack bars are located. Porto Katsiki can also be reached by taxi-boat from the villages of Vassiliki and Nidri.

Agios Ioannis
Agios Ioannis- Frini is a sandy beach on the west side of the Island and is the closest beach to the Islands Capital. It is a well known, beautiful, popular beach. There are several old windmills here, giving it a unique and distinctive landscape. This beach due to its off shore breezes is a good choice for windsurfers. You will also see people flying kites here; doing wonderful displays and acrobatic tricks with their kites.

Agios Nikitas
Agios Nikitas is a small beautiful beach, with crystal clear water, located near the village of Agios Nikitas. It is 12 km North West of Lefkada Town. Agios Nikitas is growing as a resort as it is close to some of the best beaches in the island. Near here are Pefkoulia Beach to the north and Milos Beach, named after a ruined mill, to the south.

Pefkoulia beach is also sometimes known as Agios Nikitas, as it is so close to this village. It is considered by many to be one of the best beaches on Lefkada and the sea is a stunning turquoise colour. It is a very easily accessible beach, which has both sand and shingles. It is a spacious beach so although it can get busy in peak season you will never feel crowded. There can be strong currents here so please be careful when swimming. There are two tavernas here and space to park your car.

Milos bay
Milos bay is accessible either by boat from the village of Agios Nikitas, or by a steep footpath with a walk of about 20 minutes to reach the beach. The beach has both shingles and sand and catches the sun all day long, perfect if you want to spend the day sunbathing. The sea is steeply shelving here, so please pay attention to your children and bear in mind it might not be suitable for them to swim here. There are no facilities here, so you will have to make sure you bring any food and drink that you will need with you.

Egremni beach is 30 km south of the Capital of Lefkada. It is a long, sandy beach with spectacular scenery, as is surrounded by cliffs and has crystal clear azure water. This beach is not the most easily accessible beach, as you have to climb down 250 steps to reach it. Once you get there you can rent sunbeds and umbrellas and sit and enjoy the stunning landscape.

Kathisma beach is a continuation of Agios Nikitas beach. It is 14 km east of Lefkada Town. This beach is organised, with sunbeds and watersports available. It is near amenities of shops, restaurants and bars. The beach is beautiful, long and sandy and has a unique colour of water – a magnificent turquoise shade that looks like it has been mixed with bleach. The whole beach is surrounded by cliffs, providing a dramatic landscape.


Ligia beach is a picturesque beach that the local Greeks use for fishing; you can see many small fishing boats out to sea from here. It is the most important area for fishing on the Island of Lefkada and as such has many fish tavernas nearby, offering fresh and delicious sea food.

Mikros Gialos
Mikros Gialos is an outstanding beach on Leftaka, considered as one of the best on the Island. It is 25 km south of the Capital and is near the village of Poros. It is a long stretch of sandy coastline with warm azure waters. There are good facilities on offer here, from sunbeds and umbrellas, snack bars and tavernas.

Nidri this is one of the best and most cosmopolitan resorts on Lefkada. The beach here is beautiful and offers wonderful views over many islets such as Heloni, Scorpio, and Madouri. It is also the start point for the annual Ionian Regatta which takes place in September and this is one of the biggest Yachting events that occurs in the Mediterranean. The beach has lots of facilities, such as restaurants, shops, tavernas and bars to make your day at this beach an enjoyable one.

Nikiana Beach is a small sandy beach only 9 km from Lefkada¢s Capital. Nikiana has grown in recent years and is now becoming a resort town. As such the beach is close to many amenities such as restaurants and shops.

Vassiliki is a well known beach throughout Europe because it is perfect for windsurfing and sailing. It is a quaint fishing village, surrounded by luscious green scenery. The beach is pebbly and is near many amenities like shops, tavernas and bars.

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