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Corfu island Kerkyra Greece

Corfu is the second largest island in the group of Ionian Islands, after Kefalonia and was the first to open itself up to tourism with plenty to offer its visitors. It attracts visitor from all over the world and is one of those rare destinations that caters for all ages and tastes.

Corfu is known as Kerkyra in Greek and takes its name from a variation of the Nymph Korkira, daughter of the Greek river god Aesopos in mythology. Legend says that the god of sea, Poseidon fell in love with the Nymph Korkira, kidnapped her and then brought her to the Island, hence the name Kerkyra.

The island of Corfu has been described as the Emerald Isle, the Garden of Eden and by Homer himself, a beautiful and rich land all this is due to the lush green hills, towering mountains, clear blue seas, pure white sands, endless olive groves and colourful wild flowers.

Corfu is full of variety from its traditional fishing villages to its large modern resorts, coupled with its amazing wildlife, over six hundred types of wild flowers and numerous exotic birds including pelicans, bee eaters, hoopoes and golden orioles; this island has something for everyone!


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