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Kythira island Kithira Greece

Kythira or Tsirigo is the name of the island conquered by the Venetians and is one of the Ionian Islands, but due to its geographical position it officially belongs to Attica. Its location is between the Peloponnese and Crete, in Spartan bay.

Kythira is known as the island of Aphrodite, since according to the legend of Isiodos it was where the most beautiful goddess of Olympus was born. The island was dominated by the Spartans, the Athenians and the Macedonians and later the Russians. The name of the island comes from the Kythiro, the leader of the Phoenicians who were the first people to live on the island.

The island has stunning landscapes of natural beauty, beaches, and different villages, each with unique beauty. The islandís ambience is that of romance, created from the traditional style of most buildings on the island, Byzantine churches and Venetian castle. Each summer several festivals are arranged with local products celebrating the history of the island, keeping the tradition alive.

Kythira, is a traditional island that does not have mass tourism or commercialisation and therefore remains natural and quiet. Nevertheless every year it attracts tourists who seek peaceful holidays and enjoy the island of Aphrodite. There are many options, discover the beautiful countryside, relax on the beach, taste the delicious cuisine or enjoy a cool cocktail at the beach bar.

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