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SolomoS Square

The greater Square of Zakynthos town surrounded by very important buildings like the Byzantine Museum of Zakynthos, the church of Saint Nikolaos on the Mole and the Cultural Center of Zakynthos. Solomou Square, which is dominated by the statue of the Greek national poet Dionysios Solomos, throngs with people on summer evenings, when locals and visitors come here to take a stroll.

Byzantine Museum

The Byzantine Museum of Zakynthos is situated in Solomou Square, in Zakynthos town. Here you can admire a rich collection of hagiographies from the Byzantine times to the 19th century, Hellenistic and Byzantine sculpture and statues, and some beautiful icon-stands from the island's churches. The Museum houses, the works of great Zakynthian hagiographers such as Doxaras, Koutouzis, Tzanes, Kandounis and Damaskinos.

Cultural Center and Library

Another imposing building next to church of Saint Nikolaos on the Mole, houses the Cultural Center of Zakynthos and the Public Library, one of the best in Greece with over 50.000 books concentrated. The Library includes a small art gallery, small dolls with local costumes, photographic material and the historical archive of Zakynthos with codices and documents.

church of Saint Nikolaos on the Mole

Saint Nikolaos it was built in 1561 and is the oldest building on the square. It is the only Venetian building that survived. It is a church of historical value and great importance because the patron saint of the island Saint Dionysios served here.


statue of Dionysios Solomos, National Poet of Greece

The statue is situated in the main Square of town, that got his name (Solomou Square).
He wrote the "Hymn to Freedom" that become the Greek National Hymn.

church of Saint Dionissios, the  patron saint of the island

The church is situated in the southern end of the sea - front street of Zakynthos town, called Srata Marina. It was built in 1708 and it was reconditioned half a century later, in 1764. The church contains noticeable paintings, created by hagiographers Koutouzis and Doxaras. The saint's memory is celebrated on 24 of August.

monastery of Anafonitria

35 km. north of Zakynthos town, in the village of Anafonitria, is the famous monastery of Virgin Anafonitria. It was built in 14th century in memory of Panaghia Vrefokratousa. The patron saint of the island, Dionysios, was the abbot of this monastery and the man who had murdered the saint's brother sought refuge in the monastery. Saint Dionysios realized who he was, but gave him his forgiveness and led him escape to Kephalonia. Every devout visitor who comes here feels awe.

Saint George at Gremna

Saint George at Gremna, near to village of Anafonitria, was built by the monk Varlam Beletis in 1540-1550.
The monk, Saint Gerasimos of Cephalonia lived here and the theologian and historian Pachomios Rousanos wrote his work here.

Castle of Zakynthos (Kastro)

The Castle is a Venetian structure at Bohali, 2 km. from Zakynthos town, and is almost hidden among the pine trees. Over the central of its three gates, we see the sculptured crest of Venice, St Markos' Lion. This castle with its huge hewn stones, the embrasures, the towers and cannons, is used to protect the old city of Zakynthos. The view from here is really amazing!



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